Clinical Supplies Management

From label generation and global coordination to specialized packaging and SOP authoring, our comprehensive services ensure efficient trial execution and regulatory compliance.

Clinical Supplies Management

Enhance Trial Efficiency With Professional Clinical Supplies Management

Our expertise and in-house programmatic software handle complex trial designs, label generation and translation, global distribution coordination, specialized packaging, sourcing of comparator drugs, inventory controls, and SOP authoring. With meticulous attention to detail, we streamline logistics, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize inventory control.

What You Can Expect

Seamless Coordination and Control of Clinical Trial Supplies

Trust us to manage your clinical supplies with professionalism and precision.


Experience improved efficiency in managing clinical supplies, resulting in streamlined operations, reduced delays, and optimized trial timelines.


Benefit from effective inventory control, optimized packaging, and labeling solutions, minimizing waste and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance in clinical supplies management, ensuring accurate labeling, proper documentation, and adherence to regulatory guidelines, leading to successful regulatory inspections and approvals.

What We Offer

Our Comprehensive Clinical Supplies Management Solutions

Streamlining your clinical trial supplies for success

Complex Clinical Trial Designs (Phase I-IV, Compassionate Use, EAP)

ICS uses in-house programmatic software designed specifically for clinical trials ranging from 50-30,000 patients

Label Text Generation, Translation, & Approval

ICS can create Master English and assist with regulatory review, translation certification services and approval in Label Management Services software

Coordination of Global Distribution & Importation

ICS can coordinate with your CDMO depot management to ensure import licenses/permits and pro-forma invoicing is correct

Specialized Packaging & Labeling Solutions

ICS can review your clinical protocols and stability plans to ensure proper packaging design and component lead times are in place allowing packaging/labeling campaigns execute on schedule

Sourcing of Comparator Drugs/NIMPs & Ancillary Supplies

ICS can help align country participation and filing requirements with CoA and Pedigree purchasing

Packaging Design & Configuration Solutions

ICS can recommend packaging designs that meet your study needs and offer convenience and compliance for study participants

Inventory Controls, Study Drug Returns, Reconciliation & Destruction

ICS places an equal emphasis on the reverse supply chain to support study close-out and TMF readiness

Coordinate Expectations for QP Management

ICS can manage QP run, move and queue times by notating which documents are needed for review ahead of job pack release

SOP Authoring for CMC & Supply Chain Processes

ICS can author and provide editorial support for various GMP run-the-business requirements like Label Approval, Bulk and Finished Drug Destruction, Temperature Excursions and Blinding needs

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